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Thursday 04 August, 2011

Bubbah Smalls

You might notice an amazingly handsome english bulldog on this site… that is my friend and mentor Riley aka Bubbah Smalls. He is with me all day and inspires me to love all people with his friendly approach to getting attention.  If you have any pictures of your bulldog I want to see them! I [...]

PDX Airport
Wednesday 03 August, 2011

New Site

Today I will be working on compiling all my old work. Wow, I didn’t realize the amount of work it is to compile old work! It is a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon and before I can get my portfolio together I need to go do some video shots for Kristina Plummer with Jay Freeman (check out Jay’s [...]

Wyatt Russell Visit
Tuesday 02 August, 2011

First Entry

Hello All! I will be moving work from SRG and shutting down that old site soon. Looking to show some old work in a portfolio form. Stay tuned as I update the site over the next few weeks. I am starting some large projects toward the end of September and have a lot of small [...]